Oh, Hey There!

I created Genevieve Rachal Marketing to illuminate a new path forward for you, the creative Coach & Course Creator

I understand the hurdles you face daily—wearing all the hats, spreading yourself thin, and still not reaching those lofty business goals.

My Creative Journey has been A roller-coaster

Like many of the clients I work with, I started as an Etsy shop owner, a maker at heart who turned her passion into a business.

Despite pouring my heart and soul into my work, the traditional creator business model was letting me down. I was frustrated with the time constraints, the unscalable nature of the business, and the constant pressure to create, produce, and sell.

The Traditional Creator Method Was Holding Me Back

I had big dreams of building my empire and traveling the world. But I quickly realized that it was almost impossible to travel frequently, live freely, and take care of my health & family while tied to a business model that demanded constant creation and production.

The pressure to keep up with orders, the hassle of procurement, the stress of maintaining traffic... it felt like a conspiracy against my dreams of a successful creative business. Was the freedom to create on my own terms just a false belief?

Then - I discovered the magical world of digital marketing.

That's when it happened - my 'ah-ha' moment if you will. I discovered the transformative power of digital marketing.

I had dabbled with Pinterest to drive traffic to my Etsy shops, but I soon realized there was a whole world of potential in combining paid Facebook and Instagram ads with powerful evergreen funnels.

That’s when Genevieve Rachal Marketing was born.

My team and I focus on evergreen funnel and Facebook ad solutions, taking the pressure off constant content creation while letting your business thrive.

Hey-o! I'm Genevieve

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Ignite Your Creative Business

My journey taught me that turning a passion into a job shouldn't feel like a chore. You deserve to love what you do, enjoy your life, and still see your business flourish.

Let's transform your creative business together!

Facebook/Instagram Ad Strategies designed for

creative Coaches and Course Creators

Our packages and programs dive into the magic of evergreen funnels and Facebook ads, helping you transform your passion into a scalable, passive income stream.

1:1 Ad & Funnel Coaching

For Creative Coaches with a signature course or coaching program who want to optimize and scale their ad strategy with a more hands on approach.

Ad Audit & Strategy

Looking to scale your business with paid ads, but unsure about where to start or how to optimize your campaigns? In our Ad Audit & Strategy will explore the depths of your business and set clear objectives for your paid ad campaigns.

Done For You Ads

For Creative and Maker Coaches with a signature course or program who are ready to outsource Facebook Ads for lead generation and evergreen funnels while they stay in their zone of genius.

Inbox Income Society

The easy to implement paid ad solution for creative experts who are ready to create a reliable system to grow their audience without relying on constant content creation.

What They Say

Genevieve has managed to help me revamp my entire lead and visibility strategy and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Beth R.

Genevieve is such a genius at anything involving systems, data, and tech. She was able to get my ads working and profitable again in just a few days.

Juliana F.

Working with Genevieve is one of the best things I’ve done for my business

Spenser B.